Visual Affirmation Photography evolved from my joy in capturing the exquisite beauty and life force energy that Nature provides us. As I began to rediscover my love of photography, the flowers in my neighborhood and on my travels caught my attention. There were so many varieties, like a group of friends with unique personalities. My goal was to capture their essence in a way that would reveal their individual expressions and intentions. As an intuitive, I often felt as if the flowers were cooperating with me. They understood that my desire was to showcase their splendor to the world. When I would finally get the photos to my computer, I was often surprised and delighted at the images that appeared. Truly gifts from the Universe. The flowers and the tiny creatures that accompanied them seemed to be communicating messages through their images. So I started to experiment with pairing words with the photos as if the flowers themselves could talk. The results have become a collection that I now call Visual Affirmation (VA) Photography because the photos convey ideas and concepts that uplift and inspire those who view them. Many people have reported that they feel calmer and more hopeful as they view their VA photos on a daily basis.

As a personal coach, I am thrilled to have a tool to use that offers individuals powerful personalized statements combined with vivid imagery. The energy of the flowers seems to deepen and enhance the transformation and renewal that people are seeking. The flowers are truly “flow -ers” of energy. So I encourage you to click on individual photos or view the entire collection and pay attention to any images that resonate with you. They may be the perfect next step in your personal journey or for someone you know.

I am honored to offer these photos to you.

Simply tap/click the center of a photo to enlarge your view. To move to the next one, tap/click the right side of the photo and to view the previous one, tap/click the left side of the photo. Enjoy!

Affirmation Photos

Personal Affirmation Photos


These Visual Affirmation photos are available for purchase. Please read below for more information.


Photo Information

Please email me at: with the list of photos you wish to purchase. The individual titles can be found under the photos. Include your name, mailing address, and a phone number in case there are any questions about your order.

What you get:

• Size: 5″ by 7″ images surrounded by a white border. The photo image “What I Wish for You” is 8″ by 10″.
• Total size with border: 8-1/2″ by 11″
• Paper: Glossy
• Can be trimmed by you to fit into an 8″ by 10″ or 5″ by 7″frame.
• Initialed by me (if desired) under the image on the right hand side of the white border.

The photos that you receive do not have the Quantum Insights watermark on them. The photos also do not have the titles printed below them. The titles are used for identification purposes only during the ordering process.

Pricing Information

• $14.95 each or six for $74.95
• $11.95 each for seven or more photos
• California residents pay 8.5% sales tax

Shipping Information

• Individually packaged in acid free clear plastic bags
• Mailed in photo mailers for protection during shipping
• $4.95 shipping and handling for up to six photos sent to the same address within the United States
• Bulk or international shipping rates are determined, as needed.

Payment Information

Please email me at: with your order. I will send you instructions on how to pay through invoicing, Paypal, or mail.

Forms of payment:

•An invoice which you can pay online via Square. All  major credit and debit  cards accepted.
• Paypal
• A check via mail with your order (USA Banks only). Please include your name, mailing address, and phone number

Feel free to contact me with questions at or (831) 484-1400.

Thank you for viewing my photo gallery. I hope these images have uplifted your spirit. Share this photography page with your friends to help brighten their day too!


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