Friends in High Places support group


Feel Nurtured and Supported Surrounded by Friends    

                 Experience the Power of the Universe                  Listening to and Fulfilling Your Dreams

This 3-week live interactive online course offers you the experience of being surrounded by friends who support your goals and dreams. You will have the opportunity to participate in the power of the group process via video conferencing and see how quickly your desires manifest! If you have a laptop, smart phone, mobile tablet or a computer with microphone (camera, optional) you have everything you need to join in the class. The format is very easy to use, so no tech skills are required. In addition, you will receive a detailed 22-page e-book which gives you all the information to easily re-create the support group experience with your family and friends.

           Starts April 11th @ 6 pm (Pacific Time)                                                      3 consecutive Wednesdays                                                                  You can join in from any time zone!
What participants are saying:

“The time that I have dedicated to this class has been a very wise investment!  I have learned to think about things from a different perspective which has profoundly blessed me personally, professionally, and spiritually.”    – Tonia S.

“I really enjoyed participating in Michelle’s Friends in High Places support group. Learning a process by which I express my gratitude, as well as, actively ask and clarify my desires has already made me more aware of the power which comes from a connection to my inner being. One of my ‘asks’ was to have a positive give and take friendship and 4 days later that desire came to fruition easily and seemingly without effort or work. The affirmation of the group members is powerful.”    –  Mary Ann B.

“I have used the class to learn how to open up and communicate within a group setting with trusted friends.  The peace and tranquility received by sharing requests and providing updates… are encouraging and inspirational. ”    – Rich S.

“The fellowship and support that I have experienced in this group has been transforming. Whatever is going on with us in our personal lives, we don’t judge one another, and we hold each other up in a positive way. My personal life has been enriched. Truly, I am grateful for the loving friendships made here.”    – Robin O.

“Our group process has created so many wonderful shifts throughout the years, but I think the most significant change is the transformation of each of our group members.  One got married, … one moved to Indiana to be with her grandkids for a year, another was named ‘ woman of the year’, and another got over a long illness.  It’s an amazing process.”     –  Joan C.


Join us for this next class. Start the New Year feeling supported as you accomplish your goals. Make this a powerful year for you!

           Just $79 for you   OR   You and a Friend for $147                          Class size is limited.

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